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 Lil Wayne, Tokio Hotel and Kanye West Ready For Huge Night

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PostSubject: Lil Wayne, Tokio Hotel and Kanye West Ready For Huge Night   Sun Sep 07, 2008 11:08 am


We spent most of the early aft today warming up the seat for Russell Simons at Saturday's rehearsals for Sunday's live MTV Video Music Awards on MuchMusic. His paper-self nicely supported my lower back. So here's how it went:

First we grooved out to house band DJ AM/TRVS, in their upper audience set. Ahhh-mazing! They were great to chat with the other day at the media forum, but their live performance is insane. They'll be mashing it up with The Ting Tings and Katy Perry too - cripes that's sweet.

Next on the main stage was the warm up for Lil Wayne, complete with a big band orchestra. If I closed my eyes, it sounded like a montage from a thriller - you know, that scene when the woman is frantically rifling through drawers and just as she finds the knife, she's shot or stabbed? Ya, that kind. Maybe it was exhaustion kicking in but it was eerie in there. There's enough reflective surface to generate power for the whole state of California! It's a narcsissist's wet dream. And all those black velvet chairs ... I feel sorry for the cleaning crew. I bet they're hoping all the ladies do NOT go Commando. Zing!

The later aft was spent running all over this enormous and mad city of angels, where we landed in the House of Blues lap with our friends Panic at the Disco and The Pain White Ts. The boys are there to kick off their tour with RockBand 2. The Panic fellas are looking forward to celebrating their win for BEST POP VIDEO by taking a trip to Disney and partying it up tail-gate styles in the parking lot. I'll bring the Sam Adams! They also have bets as to how Britney's gonna open the show - they're rooting for a skydive into the stage. I am rooting for a nip slip ... I am tired of Linsday's taataas.

Next up was the Ts. We let Tom take over the blog the other day but all the guys still had plenty to say about the awards and their upcoming tour. They've got a new album coming out soon that they recorded at a Malibu mansion (must be nice), and more than anything they are really looking forward to seeing what host Russell Brand gets up to.

It's a quick pack up and a run to stage 11, to talk with Tokio Hotel. You know you're in the land of Oz when on the way down the yellow brick road you bump into the wizard himself, Kanye West (he smiled at me - he really smiled at me!), and end up talking with the lollipop kids. The 4 boys that make up Tokio Hotel are quintiscnetially German: wacky, weird and wonderful. All eyes are obviously on lead singer Bill - his rail thin, well manicured, spiked head is like looking into a 1983 Boy George video. At least they're not another sad Hanson knock-off. Whether they take home Moonmen for BEST POP or BEST NEW ARTIST they are sooo Ready, Set, Go!

We wrapped up today hanging in an alley with Lil Wayne after his looooong day of band practice. Sippin' on *juice*, the ever lovable Lil Wayne chatted with us about his performance at the 2007 VMAs and all the tricks up his baggy sleeve for Sunday night. There'll be some BIG surprises in his performance, and even more for the grand finale (I had to sacrifice my first yet-to-be-conveiced child to watch the rehearsal, but let me tell you ... you will NOT want to miss it).

Stay up-to-date on everything for the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards all day long, and don't miss the exclusive pre-show red carpet coverage that starts right here at at 7:30PM ET!
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PostSubject: Re: Lil Wayne, Tokio Hotel and Kanye West Ready For Huge Night   Sun Sep 07, 2008 4:58 pm

you have to watch it on the internet that sux my video isnt working Sad
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Lil Wayne, Tokio Hotel and Kanye West Ready For Huge Night
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